iForms - Create your Free FormAs I go about helping SMB’s with their business, I notice more and more the general lack of understanding between using a web site as a “poster” and using it as a sales tool.

The result (SBA statistics):
80% of all businesses fail within 3 years
and 15% only break even!

So you can keep on doing what you’re doing or you can let us help you – we have FREE programs and we love to help people. If we help you, then you’ll tell others – Everyone wins!

We’ve been in business 33 years.    And we do all this research – for you!

We have specialists in every area – technical, business, marketing – even accounting!

  • We’ll actually talk with you – answer your questions without trying to sell you anything!
  • We’ll help you decide what kind of tools you need.
  • We’ll tell you where to get free tools if they are what you need.
  • We’ll explain things in a way that you can understand them.
  • We’ll answer business questions and help you with business software
  • We’ll give you all the options for marketing (driving business to your web site) and which would help you most.

Try out our FREE Tool – Home Page, click the CREATE YOUR FREE FORM button, put it on your web site.
However, we’ll be the first to tell you that it won’t help you unless you drive business to your web site.

Our Theory:
Most businesses are started so that they can provide something of value and they’d rather spend their time doing that than the things that will grow their business.  They may not understand marketing or even how to run a business.

Very often, small or new companies do not truly know their target market or how to reach them.  Very few actually take the time to do the research.  Most do not understand how psychology applies.

Most don’t know to integrate all of their Social Media Marketing using the same message across them all (consistency), or which Social Media to use – and extremely few understand the power of groups (a whole topic on it’s own).

But the most important thing most people are missing is how to actually make a sale.

Let me explain –
There are 5 basic steps to actually making a sale.

1) Know your market demographics – research your competition.

2) Understand your costs – including your time (the most undervalued resource)

3) Provide your information across all platforms that your market uses in a consistent way.  From our experience, Social Media Group Marketing (like our GAIT program, which is guaranteed) and adding video and webinars are the most productive at the present time (and also why we offer a Video of the Month club).

This includes the following steps:

a) Pose, then Solve the problem (address the pain) – understand the Why.

b) Create a bond – show you understand their pain personally.

c) Frame what the outcome will be if they use your product or buy your service.   Example on all of our marketing – “Wouldn’t you rather be at the beach?”

d) Include your credentials (authority) and/or what your customers say. (Degree and ongoing education in Psychology, 20 yrs in Corporate America as a technical consultant, 15 years as a Small Business owner, the last 6 yrs researching and testing marketing techniques, etc.)

e) Give/Teach them something of value (building trust, invoking reciprocity).

f) Overcome their objections by addressing them – can’t win if you don’t try!

g) Give them a guarantee (or limit their risk)

h) Create Urgency – time limit, only so many, etc. – a Call to Action (more later)

i) Tell them what to do and make it easy for them to do it!

4)  Give them a reason and make it easy for them to enter their First Name (it’s all you really need), email and/or phone number on every page you develop, whether it’s on your web site or on landing pages used in your marketing – you can even put forms on Facebook pages.  The pop-up registration when they first enter your site works great, too.

5) Add that Call to Action I mentioned above (and the Urgency Factor) to every piece of marketing, especially your web site.  You can even combine #4 and #5 by having them enter their info on the form to reserve their spot in line when your Special Sale begins!

Without that Call To Action, or a reason to register or buy NOW, your marketing is only a poster set way back off the road – it doesn’t get any attention and your business will suffer from that until you fix it.

Almost all web sites have this huge, critical mistake – no reason to buy and then no reason to buy FROM YOU (The Difference). 

There’s a reason that the SBA statistics are that 700,000 businesses are created each year and 80% fail.  Without a DIFFERENCE, people just don’t notice you! 

The other secret (except to business/marketing analysts) is that those who fail aretrying to do everything themselves and don’t recognize that their time is worth more than the few bucks it would cost to get the help they need.

We work a lot with small to quite large home services type companies.  Recently I set up a site for one and noticed that his Lawn Services company had been around long enough for him to have been picked up by about a dozen service listing sites – and he had not claimed any of them.  What a wasted chance that would have been to get his message out across all of the media he had access to!

It truly makes me sad to see these small businesses suffer because they just don’t know what they need to do to succeed, and believe it or not, I started out that way myself and spent years on trial and error.  What I’ve learned is that it’s not a one-time lesson and you’re done – it’s a fluid technology with a lot of ongoing research.

It’s often impossible to see what you’re doing wrong from the inside.  An outside view from an experienced consultant can help so much, and most will give you great info for free to prove their worth to you!  Use this value responsibly though – I use a survey to weed out the ones I know I can’t help (another lesson learned).

Every business should have someone available to them that knows not just technical, not just business and not just marketing, but how they all interface and interact!

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