Group Marketing

The only FREE internet marketing that is working right now is Group Marketing. Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus all have groups that you can join and post to, getting in front of millions of people daily!

Here are some tips:

1. Know your Target Market – then find groups that your prospects would join and be active in.

Search for Groups with interests that your customers have. For example, if you work with Home Services companies, search for groups for plumbers, electricians, landscapers, etc. Don’t hesitate to join as many as they allow.

2. Post your own content regularly.

Post to those groups, and do it often. Posting more than once a day is helpful, depending on what it is. People are looking at the group’s posts at different times, so you don’t want to get your post buried by others before they see it. You really should find a good mass posting program if you want to actually get in front of people as often as you need to.

3. Use images in your posts.

A picture is still worth 1000 words! It evokes the feelings that you want associated with your product or service – this will get you more attention, then your link (landing page) has to follow up with image with more images along the same vein and how they relate to your message.

4. Include links to your website where there is a Call to Action (mandatory).

Tell your post reader what to do – CLICK HERE for (more information or a download, etc.) The Call to Action is the most missed thing on a website – and the most critical. Your website or Facebook page (or landing page) needs this to move people to action. We create them for your needs and provide the forms you need to gather the info.

5. Share your opt-in offer, newsletter and other freebies.

“Sign up for more information” doesn’t work any more – you have to offer something they want. This will take some research and then trial and error to see what will work for your market. Then you can grow your email list, which allows you to keep marketing to interested people even if they don’t need your product (or service) right now.

6. Your posts should NOT be ads.

I don’t know anyone that likes being a member of a group that is full of spammy sales ads. Create posts that actually provide value, whether entertainment or information, to the reader. You want to build a relationship with the reader that makes them more inclined to trust your business. Many groups have a specific day where you can shamelessly self promote. Use these days to post your ads.

7. Come from a place of service (we help with ___), and (bullet) list problems your product/service solves.

Know/understand the needs of the group that pertain to your product or service. Whether posting ads or informative or entertaining posts, address problems that your product or service with examples. Just making people think about the problem and creating an awareness that you can help contributes to the relationship.

8. Who doesn’t love a giveaway?

We don’t mean just a physical product, but it’s taking more and more for people to share their personal information. Use giveaways of some value to your market to encourage members of those Groups to visit to your landing or Facebook page. An informative report that addresses visitors’ interests can cost you very little to put together and increase their interest in your business.

9. Relationships are built with individuals. One relationship at a time, one sale at a time – it all adds up.

In all of your efforts, keep in mind that your success is dependent upon building a relationship with the individuals in the groups. Whether they are a few dozen or a few thousand, gear your campaigns to individuals, not groups. Talk to them as if you were with them in the room.

10. Be Honest.

Sure, that’s your intention, but don’t let your enthusiasm slip over into false statements. Assume that the reader will at some point become aware that a claim or a promise is false. When they reach that awareness, all of your effort toward building a relationship is at risk. It is much better to promise less and deliver more.

Although Group Marketing is the highest return on investment out there today, it would take you all day every day to make it really effective as a marketing tool.

I mentioned a mass posting tool earlier – they will make this manageable if you already
1) understand your target market,
2) understand the psychology of sales without selling,
3) have time to develop your program – all the different posts you’ll need so that you’re not posting the same thing out every time,
4) can write and develop landing pages that are effective,
5) understand the types of offerings that will get someone to share their information,

That’s why we developed G.A.I.T. – Guaranteed Automated Intelligent Traffic. Yes, we did say Guaranteed – you won’t see that in many offers!

Our results are amazing and it’s going viral across the internet. We’re thrilled to offer this at a price that any small business with any type of marketing budget can afford.

After all, if you don’t invest in marketing, you will be one of those fail statistics – just a fact, as much as we may not like it.

So fill out the form, let us give you a call, and we’ll give you helpful information right then and there!